Sleepy Bones

by Trev Gibb

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All tracks engineered by David Brewis.

Tracks 1 and 4 produced and completed by David Brewis.

All other tracks and additional dubs on Tracks 2, 3 and 5-10 were completed by Trev Gibb.

Mastered by Melograf.

I met David at a gig in Morden Tower in 2008. I played some open tuning songs, relatively understated. David approached me about recording that night. He seemed genuinely taken aback by the type songs I was doing.

Working with David Brewis of Field Music was a high honour. He is the most disciplined and gifted of musicians and arrangers. He arranged the skeletal structure of all the songs with drums and bass on all of the tracks.

The album started as two tracks. David then asked if I'd like to do an EP or an album. I should have suggested EP as given his priority with Field Music and his solo project School of Language, obviously and understandably my music would be lower on the list of priorities. It took a lot of time to work on these songs and an EP probably would have materialised much quicker and allowed both of us to move on. But poor Dave true to his word got mired in this record for a few years with me nagging him for sessions meanwhile Field released 2 excellent albums Plumb and Measure. I felt like I was living in hope for 2 years and every time we had a session I was nervous with excitement and fear.

I remember taking the train to Sunderland and every passing moment felt like Deja Vu.

Either way it was some of the best times of my life working on these songs. I was genuinely excited about where I could take things with his help. The thing to take away from this experience is how incredibly lucky I was really. He gave me his time. If I could re-do that time again I would wish to have been less in awe of his talent and more at ease and confident in my own.

I played piano on all the tracks apart from Corrina's Nylon Strings.

The album sessions started in June 2008 and continued into 2011, at which point I completed the album myself.

It has never seen an official release, other than here on Bandcamp.

I'm very proud of the recordings, but ironically by the time it was finished a lot of the material was several years old and the time spent on working on it meant I wasn't spending it getting better at songwriting and I wrote few songs in those years and it took me a little while to get the big back for being genuinely creative.

Once the album was finished I formed Deerhart and started writing songs again.

Lesson learned. Never rely on other people to deliver for you something they promise, because life doesn't work that way, however much they are genuine, the work must come from you and you alone.


released January 12, 2011

Trev Gibb - Vox, piano, acoustic and electric guitar
David Brewis - Piano, drums, bass guitar, organ.



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Trev Gibb Newcastle, UK

Trev Gibb has collaborated with David Brewis of Field Music, he has supported Kaiser Chiefs and Public Service Broadcasting.

His EP Everything Happens Too Late was released in March 2016.

His debut album Nucleotides was released November 2016..
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