Eileen Aroon and other songs

by Trev Gibb



These songs accidentally came together in Leeds over two nights during a long week housesitting for family.

I have always wanted to try Ruins By The Shore which is a Nic Jones song. I have never heard his original, all I have as reference is a beautiful rendition from Warwick Folk Festival in 2012.

One Irish Rover is a Van Morrison song but it's pretty much a folk song as far as I'm concerned. I like his recorded version, but not as much as a stripped down version one he did in Athens with Bob Dylan in 1989, sitting on a hillside overlooking the Acropolis. I tried to capture Dylan's guitar line in the piano.

I Was Young When I Left Home is a throwaway Bob Dylan ditty. Its listed as traditional and I presume it's take from 500 Miles. It's been covered by Anohni and a few others.

I Have Become Afraid. This song was an accident and just happened at about 2am on the 21st of September, I had made a backing track and then a melody came and when I looked in my notepad I had an unused line or two that I squeezed in.

Eileen Aroon is a traditional song done in DADGAD from the 18th Century covered rarely as far as I can tell. A beautiful version exists by the McPeake Family. I usually perform this with Patrick Lawrence playing violin, I added piano to this and a violin may appear on this recording before too long..

The Daemon Lover (House Carpenter). This recording is from 2 years ago and it happened by experimenting in DADGAD. It's all in the riff.

Artwork by Jane Adams


released September 22, 2016

Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Bass and Piano - Trev Gibb



all rights reserved


Trev Gibb Newcastle, UK

Trev Gibb has collaborated with David Brewis of Field Music, he has supported Kaiser Chiefs and Public Service Broadcasting.

His EP Everything Happens Too Late was released in March 2016.

His debut album Nucleotides was released November 2016..
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Track Name: Eileen Aroon (Trad.)
I know a valley fair, Eileen Aroon
I know a cottage there, Eileen Aroon
Far in the valley shade I know a tender maid
Flow'r of the hazel glade, Eileen Aroon

Who in the song so sweet, Eileen Aroon
Who in the dance so fleet, Eileen Aroon
Dear are her charms to me, dearer her laughter free
Dearest her constancy, Eileen Aroon

Were she no longer true, Eileen Aroon
What would her lover do, Eileen Aroon
Fly with a broken chain, far o'er the sounding main
Never to love again, Eileen Aroon

Youth will in time decay, Eileen Aroon
Beauty must fade away, Eileen Aroon
Castles are sacked in war, chieftains are scattered far
Truth is a fixed star, Eileen Aroon
Track Name: The Daemon Lover (Trad.)
"Well met, well met, my own true love
Well met, well met", cried he
"I've just returned from the salt, salt sea
All for the love of thee"

I could have married the king's daughter dear
She would have married me
But I have forsaken her crowns of gold
All for the love of thee

Well, if you could have married
The king's daughter dear
I'm sure you are to blame
For I am married to a house carpenter
And find him a nice young man

Oh, will you forsake your house carpenter
And go along with me?
I'll take you to where the grass grows green
To the banks of the salt, salt sea

Well, if I should forsake my house carpenter
And go along with thee
What have you got to maintain me on
And keep me from poverty?

Six ships, six ships all out on the sea
Seven more upon dry land
One hundred and ten all brave sailor men
Will be at your command

She picked up her own wee babe
Kisses gave him three
Said, "Stay right here with my house carpenter
And keep him good company"

Well, they'd not been gone
But about two weeks
I know it was not three
When this fair lady began to weep
She wept most bitterly

Ah, why do you weep, my fair young maid
Weep it for your golden store?
Or do you weep for your house carpenter
Who never you shall see anymore?

I do not weep for my house carpenter
Or for any golden store
I do weep for my own wee babe
Who never I shall see anymore

Well, they'd not been gone
But about three weeks
I'm sure it was not four
Our gallant ship sprang a leak and sank
Never to rise anymore

What hills, what hills are those, my love
That rise so fair and high?
Those are the hills of heaven, my love
But not for you and I

And what hills, what hills are those, my love
That are so dark and low?
Those are the hills of hell, my love
Where you and I must go