Everything Happens Too Late EP

by Trev Gibb

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Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Trev Gibb in a bathroom, a bedroom a living room and a rehearsal room between February 29th and March 11th 2016.


This EP was an accident. It only happened because I had become disillusioned with what I was doing musically regarding my album Nucleotides which wasn't finished at the time.

These recordings therefore were an experiment.
Could I write, record and release a self-produced EP in 3 weeks as a lo-fi affair and would I be happy with the results?

High Hopes and Fossil are the newest songs. The former written during the recording, and the latter a week before recording started.

It started after I wrote Fossil which felt like I was saying something overly dramatic like goodbye to playing music.

This EP offered me some closure and a clean slate. I think it's the closest my songs have ever sounded to free and open and real.


released March 21, 2016

Artwork - Trev Gibb
Drawings - Michael Donaldson

Vox, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Clarinet, Bass - Trev Gibb
Drums - Matt Weaver
Violin - Patrick Lawrence
Harmonies - Adam Schofield, Matt Weaver, Trev Gibb, Kate Edwards, Guy Bainbridge
Flute - Guy Bainbridge
Tin Whistle - Trev Gibb

Thanks to Adam Schofield for supplying the recording desk.
Thanks to Patrick Lawrence for the violin, thanks to Mat Weaver for the drums.
Thanks to Peter Stone Brown and Steven Brown for their ears



all rights reserved


Trev Gibb Newcastle, UK

Trev Gibb has collaborated with David Brewis of Field Music, he has supported Kaiser Chiefs and Public Service Broadcasting.

His EP Everything Happens Too Late was released in March 2016.

His debut album Nucleotides was released November 2016..
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Track Name: Everything Happens Too Late
I wait and I wait and I wait and I wait but everything happens too late
So I hope and I hope and I hope and I hope but everything's tied up with rope

So I do and I do and I do again, each step forward takes me back
And I love and I Love and I Love and I Love but everything happens too much

So I learn and I learn and I learn and I learn to live inside these urgent days
I return and return and return and return building bridges after they burn

So I burn and I burn and I turn and I yearn but everything happens again
I try and I try and I try and I try but sometimes my will inevitably bends
Track Name: Fossils
In your later years you were stone, you're bound to be all things
You sense another bond has broken, a butterfly grows wings

A look, a thought, an avalanche, mistakes are only second chances
The ground is heavy up above, I am bone then I am wood

You and I and our perfect spines
Uncovered and unknown preserved in stone

I am feeling I am thought my wishes will be found
Like a fish neath water I am be caught but I shall never drown

A blue collage, a final poem, what is known, will be unknown
We always existed you and I and our perfect curved spines

The wind that shakes the open sea the love that builds eternally

You and I and our perfect spines
Encased in stone uncovered and unknown
Track Name: Frequency
My frequency’s not your frequency show me how you do it
moving at a different speed time and place still exceed

all the things that i dare to do and dream about behind my eyes
happen quicker in your life take a different path mine

time is something that you do something that you say
the quicker that you speak the faster you will reach

That's why some connections run dry
That's why some connections run dry
Track Name: High Hopes
Caught you quoting joan of arc blessed are the ones who die in flames.
You're such a martyr now don’t forget you’re just like Steve McQueen

I heard they call you Guinevere we met before and we will meet again
on the road to Calvary counting images instead of rosaries

On the isle of Avalon, two towers reach into the sun
These memories that we make are structures in which our life's contained
Track Name: It's Cold
Its cold in here the air breathes the space
i remember you as you previously existed
handing out roses
all remember is the ground
cant believe the past’s another town

trapped in light rooms
languid and forlorn
Courtesan spaces
they will haunt me to my final days

trying not to rhyme
but i don’t know who i am
but i think i once near touched it
i think that i once near touched it

the shape you break through
in the mirrored room
the fortress
the sea is a restless place
but i wont touch your face